My family recently finished watching “The English Game”, a Netflix series based on the development of soccer in England.  At the end of the series, Blackburn defeats the Old Etonians to win the FA cup. When the whistle blows to end the game, the Blackburn players rush together, grabbing each other by the arms, roaring with euphoric amazement and borderline disbelief at their victory.

This Sunday, our offertory hymn is “We Know That Christ Is Raised”, and it has that same kind of effect on me when I sing it.  It is a relatively new hymn for our parish, introduced last year at the Easter Vigil.  I encourage you to spend a few minutes with it before Mass on Sunday.  The text is bold and strong, declaring without hesitation Christ’s victory over death, and the implications of being baptized into his death and resurrection, for us and for all of creation.  The tune, Engelberg, is a perfect match to this profound lyric.  It’s downright heroic, and the result of the union of tune and text is like having someone grab you by the shoulders and give you a good shake and a shout in your face.  “The Lord is risen! Alleluia!”


We Know That Christ Is Raised

St. Paul the Apostle Church