School Board

The School Board’s primary function is to ensure that the mission of St. Paul the Apostle school is being accomplished, and it is  also entrusted with objective of making sure the school is operating in solid and stable financial health. The Board works in collaboration with, Father Peter Damian pastor of St. Paul, and with the educational mission of St. Paul the Apostle.  The School Board sets policies for the school, and is accountable to the school board, with the Principal Michelle Morrow who is responsible for all daily operations of the school. The School Board, is a voluntary group of lay men and women, and they lead the school with the help of a strategic plan and Board Committees that support the work of the Board.


Title Name Email
President / Chair / Exec. Lorissa MacAllister
Vice President / Chair Development
Policy and Planning / Chair Jim Rabaut
Treasurer / Chair Finance Vicky Wille
Secretary /Communications / Chair Lauren Warner
Home & School President Katie Gutwald
Marketing Clare Behm /Chair, Lynn Malson
Building and Grounds / Chair Al Mooney
Member at Large Dave Burgess
Member at Large Maribeth Hollern
Mission Effectiveness Chair Kara Potter