Classrooms will compete against each other every week. M-F every 10 mins read = 3 points Sat & Sun every 10 mins = 5 points. Parents sign off on points earned. Classrooms total points will be averaged for how many kids are in the class and the average points will determine which team wins. Week ending 3/14, points from week ending 3/7 will be added to 3/14 to determine winner.

The competition is double elimination, except for the read in game. The loser of the read in game is eliminated.

Week 1 read in game: K vs. 8th Grade Winner: Kindergarten

Week 2 Winners:

K vs 4th: 4th Grade Beast Readers

7th vs 3rd: 3rd Grade Leaders of Readers

6th vs 2nd: 6th Grade Page Turnes

1st vs 5th: 5th Grade Book Warriors

Week 3 winners:

4th vs 3rd: 4th Beast Readers

6th vs 5th: 6th Grade Page Turners

Week 4 and overall Champion: 4th Grade Beast Readers

St. Paul the Apostle School