St. Paul the Apostle is a family friendly parish. Father Peter loves to hear the noises of Children during mass and highly encourages parents to bring them to mass. We also offer lots of services for families, including children’s liturgy, nursery, and cry room during Sunday masses. We serve donuts after mass for families to gather as a community and let the kids eat and play together. We have a very active elementary faith formation and youth group for both middle school and high school aged kids. We love having families involved in the mass. The choirs are open to ages 14 and up and we have a Choristers group for the 3rd-8th grade kids. We love having families with all different aged children bring the gifts up during mass. Boys and girls can start Altar serving in 3rd grade and can become Extraordinary Minister and Sacristans at 16 years old. Kids 14 and older can be video techs and all ages can be greeters and are allowed to user with their parents. we have many family friendly events throughout the year and other volunteer opportunities the entire family can be apart of. We highly encourage families to come to mass together and become active in the parish!

St. Paul the Apostle Church