Everyone is invited to be a part of parish life at St. Paul the Apostle.
We have organizations and activities that benefit our parish, and others that assist the community at large.
Some are learning experiences and some are just for fun.

We invite you to participate in the parish life of St. Paul and become an active part of our faith family!

Mass Volunteer Interest Form

As we continue to grow through this time of pandemic, the following areas of ministry have become vital for us. Think of these as the "essential workers" who make offering public Mass a possibility. Greeters & Ushers: These friendly folk serve on a rotating schedule, and ensure a welcoming presence to parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass. All ages are welcome, but children must sign up to serve in tandem with an adult. Cleaning Assistants: You may have noticed that after Mass a few people often stay behind. Armed with an array of specialized cleaning tools and products, they ensure that our Church is sanitized and prepared for the next Mass. It's one of those jobs that can be done quickly and efficiently when we have a team. Sacristans: A good sacristan is a boon to any parish, as they fulfill a true liturgical function. Simply put, sacristans are those who arrange the various items necessary in the celebration of Mass. If you have an eye and mind for detail, this ministry may be for you.
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Faith Formation

We have many ways to grow in Faith.

Charity Ministries

The Charity Ministries allow parishioners an opportunity to serve others and give back to our community.


Check out some opportunities to grow in Fellowship with our parish community.


We have many ways to get involved in the Mass.

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