Volunteers are needed for a variety of liturgical ministries. Training and materials are provided as needed, and volunteers are scheduled according to their availability and preferred Mass time. See below for information about each ministry. Contact the Parish Office to volunteer


Each person reads 2-4 times each quarter at the individual’s preferred Mass time. Training provided. Volunteers are always needed for this ministry

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Ministers are scheduled on a quarterly basis at their preferred Mass time. Training is provided, and certification is required. Volunteers are needed on a regular basis and also as substitutes.


Ushers are placed on a team, and each team is scheduled for one Mass one weekend per month. No formal training required. Volunteers needed for all Masses; high school through adult Parishioners are welcome. Contact: Charlie Jilek 616-954-1097

Altar Servers

Sign up and training is in the fall. If you missed the sign up and are still interested, please contact the Parish Office to arrange training. Three servers are scheduled for each Mass at their preferred time. This ministry is open to students in 5th grade and up. Contact: Mike Marshall, servers@SPAgr.org

Gift Bearers

To volunteer, please sign up on the sheet in the Narthex on the stand near the Crucifix. Volunteers can sign up one week ahead, or when coming into Mass and bring the gifts up that day.

Art & Environment

The church is decorated for the liturgical seasons, with special attention given to Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter. Volunteers are needed for the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Altar Linen Care

Volunteers are needed to wash and iron the linens used on the altar.


Volunteers assist at funerals by preparing for the Mass, assisting the family as needed, putting funeral liturgy items away following the Mass, and sharing in the luncheon, if possible. A sacristan is also scheduled for each Mass. Training is provided.

Music Ministry

St. Paul’s Director of Sacred Music Michael Miller offers many opportunities for Parishioners of all ages to sing praises during Mass throughout the year. Please visit our Music Ministry page for more information.

Video Technicians

Volunteers are needed for all weekend liturgies to run slides on the church screens. This is an excellent job for a high school-age or older Parishioner who enjoys working behind the scenes.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children in grades Kindergarten through 2nd are invited during the Sunday 9 & 11 a.m. Masses to join the Children’s Liturgy. Following a blessing by Father and the congregation, the children follow their liturgy leader into a separate area to hear the readings at a level more of their understanding. It is an effective way for our children to develop a fuller and more active participation in Mass. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN SEEING A NEW PROGRAM OFFERED FOR OUR CHILDREN AGES 4-KINDERGARTEN? To provide a program for this age, we must have adult volunteers willing to help organize the activities and schedule, lead the program on a weekly basis, volunteer on a rotating basis and to serve as subs. If you would like to help develop this program or volunteer should a program be offered, please contact Pat Clouse at pclouse@SPAgr.org.

Sunday Nursery

Children are an integral part of our community and are always welcome to be in the Church during Mass. However, if your family decides to remove younger children from the Church, childcare is provided in the nursery room during 9 and 11 o’clock Masses. The Sunday Nursery will be open to children as young as 1 year old and up to 3 years old. Please feel free to stay and/or drop in as often as needed to allow your child(ren) to become comfortable with the nursery. Sunday Nursery will have two stipend, VIRTUS-trained adults working each Mass. Nursery subs are needed! We are currently looking for individuals over the age of 16 to be on our sub list for Sunday Nursery. This is not a set schedule, but rather a willingness to pick up shifts or fill in for last-minute coverage needs. All adult volunteers must complete a background screening (which is updated every three years), and be VIRTUS-trained. If you have lived out of state, a national background check is conducted. Adult Nursery workers are compensated for their time worked. Teen volunteers are welcome! In addition to adults, teen volunteers are welcome and may receive service hours for their time. Teens interested in helping should contact the Parish Office. Please also contact the Parish Office for more information about our Sunday Nursery.

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