Saint Paul the Apostle School is located in southeast Grand Rapids, Michigan, and has served students in grades preschool through eighth for more than 50 years.

Ours is a community of faith, hope, and  love with a commitment to excellence in academics and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saint  Paul the Apostle School is not just a school, it’s a vital part of the faith community of Saint Paul the Apostle Parish. This faith-filled Catholic community is a faithful and dynamic expression of Christ’s love in the world today; an expression reflected in the tremendous support that the church and school provide each other.
Our students are a bright and vibrant thread woven into the fabric of our faith community. Their eager participation in our weekend liturgies is a constant reminder of the enduring value of an education founded on Christ’s teachings.

Faith is a part of every subject in the Saint Paul curriculum; students pray daily, attend weekly Liturgy, prepare for and receive Sacraments, take active roles in parish life, and participate in many service projects to benefit those in need in the local, national and global community.

Parents are key to the rich educational and spiritual experience at this school. We acknowledge the family as the primary educator of children, and the staff collaborates with parents in all aspects of the Saint Paul experience. Parents volunteer as event chaperones, room parents, coaches, library assistants, and classroom and playground helpers, actively supporting a safe and nurturing educational environment that promotes learning.

We invite you to visit this community of love and faith and to see for yourself the commitment we make to every child.

St. Paul the Apostle School