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  • Click Create an Account: Password is SPA451
  • Enter information and click Submit
  • Enter information for your students, Add Profile. Repeat for any additional students.
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Boonli is used for online ordering of Lunch, Before/After School Care, SPA Care and Lunch bunch. All orders must be places and paid for 2 weeks before the month ordered.



Realm is our online community. You can update your contact information to keep the schools records up-to-date, volunteer, pay for field trips, donate, register for events and communicate with groups you are part of. If having issues logging on, contact

Infinite Campus


Infinite Campus is the Student Information Systems used by the Diocese of Grand Rapids. You can keep up with your students grades and attendance in this system.

SMART Tuition


SMART Tuition is the Diocese required system for tuition management. You can log in to make updates to your tuition plan, payment options and monitor your payments.

Blackbaud Enrollment


This is our online school enrollment system. If it is your first time click Forgot login or First time logging in?button.  From there you can enter your email address and check the boxes to receive an email with your Username and Password.

Every year in February we will ask you to log in to this system and update paperwork for the following year school enrollment. This system integrates with SMART Tuition so you will not need to update information in another system.

Student Supply Lists

Please click the button below to view the 2020-2021 School Year’s supply lists:

SPA Care


SPACare is SPA’s Daycare for 2.5 year olds and older that are affiliated with the school or parish. Prices can be found on our tuition page

Scheduling & Payment is done in Boonli.

Emergency Drills

SPAM – SPA Mom’s Group

SPAM is a group for all moms in the SPA Community interested in meeting up for activities with and sometimes without kids. Events are shared through Evite and a private facebook page. If you are interested you can request to join the facebook page or email


We have numerous community building events throughout the year and use our website for online registrations. To stay current on what events are coming up we always have the events listed on this webpage.

Here are a few of the events to look forward to:

  • Trivia Night
  • Christmas Program
  • 12th Night
  • SPAuction
  • Baja Fish Taco Nights during Lent
  • 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son outing
  • Golf Outing
  • SPAFest – 5K and Festival
  • Cougar Dash
  • Educational Fair



School Uniforms

The purpose of a school uniform code and personal appearance guidelines is to provide a school environment in which clothing items and hairstyles are not a focus of attention.  Student individuality is not encouraged in this area.  St. Paul’s students are expected to wear the designated uniform on all days.  All students must have shirts tucked in at all times.  It is the responsibility of the parent that the child is dressing according to the uniform. Students coming to school out of uniform code will be asked to call home for an appropriate change of clothing.

Parents must check with the school office before purchasing items or permitting hair coloring and hairstyles not specifically addressed in the uniform code.  All clothing worn should be of a correct size, neither too tight nor excessively baggy.  Skirts may be no more than one inch above the knee. Pants may not drag on the floor. Frayed or overly worn clothing may not be worn.

Plaid is only available via Schoolbelles:


  • Logo application fee: Free
    Layaway program available
    Loyalty Program or
    TEST “schoolbelles” to 22828
    to be added to their email list and
    be the first to know about upcoming sales, special
    store hours and career opportunities.


Year at a Glance Calendar (subject to change)

School Google Calendar

View Large and Print Here


The Year at a Glance calendar is a high-level view of major events that gets updated periodically throughout the year, but dates change frequently so be sure to check the school calendar for up-to-date information.

MAPs Testing

MAPs Testing

We do MAPs Testing twice in the year. This is The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) testing to determine where a student is academically. These tests are completed on computers and are responsive to your child to help evaluate areas of weaknesses and strengths. 

Handbook & Policies

K-8th Grade is Family Handbook:

Family Handbook

Preschool Handbook

Volunteering/Virtus Training

Virtus Training

SPA has numerous volunteering opportunities throughout the year both for stay at home parents and working parents. In order to volunteer with the children or attend field trips, you must be Virtus Trained. It is online and if you have questions you can contact us at

Volunteer Opportunities:

Home & School

School Board Committees

Email/contact information can be found on their website pages. Please email them directly for interest and openings! 🙂



If you are receiving in-parish tuition you are required to give $20/week to the Sunday Collection at the parish.

Before & After School Care

Learn More

We offer Before & After school care for all students. Scheduling and Payments are done through boonli.

Drop-ins are available for $1 more/hour.


Trusted Rides

Transportation to make your life easier.

Many of our students use this service for rides to and from school. The owner is a school parent.


Trusted Rides

Spirit Shop

Order gear from the spirit shop.

Uniform gym shirts can be bought here.

All gear purchased can be worn on spirit days we have 1/month. Orders are placed in bulk and dates for orders are listed on the spirit shop home page and on the online calendar.

For November bulk order we will be adding some high end products for Christmas gifts!

St. Paul the Apostle School