ScripNow is process as usual.  Order your ScripNow product and it is ready immediately via your smartphone or to print off your computer.  Remember, not all retailers participate in ScripNow so make sure you are selecting ScripNow.  To use ScripNow on your mobile device, just go to and log into your account (the same as your account)


There is no Scrip on half days, snow days, or any other time school is closed.  If you would like to allow your child to bring home your scrip you will need to sign a Scrip Waiver form, available in the school office or use the link below.

If you have purchased Scrip before at the the Scrip to Go Window but not on-line, you don’t need to re-enroll because you already have an account. Just log and enter your email address and select Forgot Password and it will send you a temporary password that you can use to log in.

If your new to the school and you need to enroll, go to and register. Our school enrollment code is available in the school office or by contacting Kara Potter.

All on-line orders need to be paid for by PrestoPay. Select PrestoPay and it will prompt you through the processs. It takes about three business days to get approved.
Scrip rebates are applied to your tuition twice a year – August and February.

If you have and questions, want to volunteer to help with the Scrip, or need more information on our program, please feel free to contact Kara Potter at

St. Paul the Apostle School