Early Childhood Programs

SPA’s Early Childhood program is a great place to introduce your children to school in a safe, faith-filled environment. We believe that God creates children with the natural curiosities of learning. It is through active play, experiences, imagination and a strong sense of faith that we foster our students natural curiosities and promote active learning.


SPA Care is new for 2019-2020 school year! We are now offering daycare for our preschool students and 2.5 year olds that are affiliated with St. Paul the Apostle School or Faith Formation. Our SPA Care allows for students enrolled in preschool to stay at school for a full day rather than the traditional 1/2 day programming.  It is also a full day or 1/2 day daycare for 2.5 year olds and above who are not enrolled in preschool at SPA but affiliated with the school or parish. $5/hr Drop in care also available. Simple contact us for availability. If volunteering at SPA you are eligible for 1/2 price while volunteering. During SPA Care our students will be engaged in academic play opportunities. Pricing: Offering: 1/2 day and Full Day options, you can pick and choose your days and options: Morning Session – 7:30am-Noon $25 Afternoon Session – 11am-5:30pm $25 Full Day Session – 7:30am-5:30pm $50 Drop-in: $5/hr

Lunch Bunch (Enrolled Preschool Students)

This program allows preschool students to be able to enjoy lunch and a structured activity between 11-12 pm on the days they attend school.

LunchBunch & SPACare Scheduling & Payments

Scheduling & Payments for both Lunch Bunch and SPACare are done monthly through Boonli.com.

Preschool 3’s (Turn 3 before September 1st)

This program is an opportunity to gain independence and confidence by coming to school. Here we have a strong emphasis on social-emotional skills that are learned during play. We focus on knowing that we are all made wonderfully by God, learning rules and routines and learning appropriate ways to get along with our friends.

Preschool 4’s (Turn 4 before September 1st)

This program grows on the foundation set during Preschool 3’s. We continue to focus on the social-emotional skills as our students now are becoming more capable of solving problems more independently. Play still remains an important part of learning at this stage. We focus on phonics/literacy, handwriting, math and follow a formal Religion Curriculum.

Early 5’s

This program is the perfect stepping stone to our Kindergarten program. The core academic skills include phonics, literacy, handwriting, math and formal Religion curriculum. The students have additional time for extra practice and enrichment activities like science and cooking. This is a great way for students to acclimate for kindergarten and grow in their confidence.

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