SPA 68 Cafe is centered around quality ingredients, scratch cooking methods, and intentional culinary crafting. It is our kitchen’s mission to optimize child nourishment and development as well as teach a deeper understanding and relationship with food. We also take an “as local as possible” approach to ensure ingredient freshness, quality, and support for our West Michigan community. 

SPA’s 68 Cafe, offers a nutritious hot lunch program served 5 days/week! Teachers and students are treated to a choice of salad bar as an entree or side. The lettuce is supplied by our own hydroponic system! We always have a daily special combo with sides as well, that is delicious and nourishing! We use quality ingredients, home cooking and are always striving for culinary excellence. We also adapt our meals for allergies. We are able to do this as everything is made in house and sourced by our staff. Each day of the week has a theme: Mondays are American, Tuesdays are Taco Tuesdays, Wednesdays are World Day, Thursdays are Breakfast for Lunch and Fridays are Sandwich days. The inspiration for the name of the cafe is from our director Jared Veldheer, retired football player who wore the number 68!

I have always had a passion for food. My love, understanding and consumption of food undoubtedly helped me during my decade in the NFL. I learned that food can be as delicious as it is nourishing. I look forward to centering a kitchen based on quality ingredients, scratch cooking and a constant pursuit of culinary excellence (even by kids standards!).

Jared Veldheer

Sourcing high quality food, while keeping lunch prices affordable for SPA students is always a challenge! Donations and Sponsorships are appreciated. You can make a donation online via the button below. If you would like to Sponsor World Days, please contact $250/month and your logo/business will be acknowledged on social media and in the Halls featuring the Wednesday World Day menu items! You can pay for the sponsorship via the donate now button!

The due date to order and purchase lunch is two weeks prior to the date of service. If you have questions or would like to volunteer to prep or serve lunch, please contact the school office a

St. Paul the Apostle School has partnered with BOONLI to provide a secure, fast, and easy-to-use online ordering system that allows you to view our lunch menu, order, prepay and manage student lunches from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Get Started:

  • Go to: (bookmark this page)
  • Click Create an Account: Password is: SPA451
  • Enter information and click Submit
  • Enter information for your students, Add Profile. Repeat for any additional students
  • Click I’m Done and Sign In

FAQ/PROGRAM INFO – (also available online once you are logged in to your account)

  • FOOD or POLICY (Missed/Late Orders, Credits, and Changes/Cancellations): email and they’ll get back to you right away.
  • PAYMENT INFORMATION The program accepts payment by Debit Card, Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard & Discover or Personal Check.
  • MINIMUM ORDER FEE:  A $1.00 fee will be charged for orders under $10.00 – for new and changed orders.
    TECHNICAL SUPPORT (help navigating the site): email
    Thank you for participating in our school lunch program!

Be sure to proceed to checkout and process your payment. Orders that are left in the shopping cart will NOT be processed and your student(s) will not be included in the lunch service.

Check Payments Make checks payable to: St. Paul the Apostle School and send to 2750 Burton SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

  • Ordering for more than 1 person? Please be sure to add all items for your student(s) into the shopping cart BEFORE checking-out.
  • Changes or additional orders: You will not be able to make changes or place additional orders until your check is received by the school and your payment is recorded. Once your payment is recorded, you will be able to order/make changes providing the ordering period is still open.
  • EASY ORDERING Your student eats lunch almost every day? Click the daily special then check the STAR, this will copy all meals (except sub days) to your cart. Then you can go into your cart and remove days you do NOT want lunch. You will still need to go select sub days to choose options and move to cart.

Volunteer in the Kitchen

68 Cafe is dedicated to provide optimal nourishment to students and staff, while creating fun, fresh and approachable lunches. The kitchen staff, Mr. Veldheer and Mr. Hunt, appreciate volunteers to help prepare and serve food. If you are available to volunteer during school lunch, please click on the button to sign up. Home and School will follow up by email to schedule you in the kitchen. Thank you!

St. Paul the Apostle School