Cost Comparison:  Saint Paul vs. Neighboring Schools

K-8thCost per month/child (10 months)
St. Paul the Apostle$419-$540
Christian schools (K-4th)$569-$876
Christian schools (5th-6th)$602-$926
Christian schools (7th-8th)$635-$976
Other local private schools$421-$686
Public schools (Government pays)~$850

St. Paul Benefits That Keep Tuition Low for ALL students

Cost to educate a child (K-8th)$6000/child
Dan Donnelly Education Foundation$370 Discount/child
Fundraising fund that goes towards keeping tuition low$230 Discount/child
Final tuition starts at$5400/child (savings of $600/child)

2020-2021 School Year Tuition Rates

Full Time K-8th Grade (Parishioner & Non-Parishioner)

ChildParishioner DiscountFamily Yearly TotalNon-Parishioner DiscountFamily Yearly Total% Savings for Parishioner vs Non-Parishioner
1st-$1207 $4193$0$540022%
2nd-$629 (15%)$7757-$540 (10%)$10,26024%
3rd-$2306 (55%)$9644-$1080 (20%)$14,58034%
4th-$3145 (75%)$10,692$1620 (30%)$18,36042%
5th-$3774 (90%)$11,111-$2160 (40%)$21,60049%

Early Childhood Tuition Rates

PreK 3T/TH 8-10:55am$1352
PreK 4M/W/F 8-10:55am$1622
Early 5’sM-F 12pm-3pm$2489
AM Only KindergartenM-F 8-11am$3029
Bookends KindergartenAll day M& F, 8-11am T/W/TH$3247

Daycare & Before/After School Care

Order Monthly Online via Boonli (Not included in Tuition Payments in SMART)
Allows flexibility month-to-month
(based on 5 days)
Cost/Month (based on 180 school days & 10 months)
SPACare Half Day7:30am-12pm or
SPACare School Day7:45am-3:15pm$50$250$900
Full Day
Before School7-7:50am$4$20$72
After School3-5:30pm$4/hr
max $10
$50 max$180 max

SPACare + Preschool Monthly Rates by Grade:

(combo of tuition above and monthly prices for planning purposes based on 180 school days & 10 months)
GradeSPACare on School Days/MonthSPACare all week (school day hours)/MonthSPACare all week (full day hours)/Month
Early 5’s$789N/AN/A

St. Paul the Apostle School