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2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Full-Time K-8th Grade

Parishioner Discount is for Active Parishioners at SPA or other supporting parishes. Sunday giving at a min must be $20/week (total of $1040/year) to receive discounts.

StudentsParishioner Yearly TuitionNon-Parishioner Tuition
1 Student$4,947$6,370
2nd Student20% Discount: $3,95710% Discount: $5,679
3rd Student50% Discount: $2,47320% Discount: $5,733
4th Student75% Discount: $1,23730% Discount: $5,096
5th Student90% Discount: $49540% Discount: $4,459
Paid via School Admin

Early Childhood Tuition Rates

Enrollment priority is given to Active Parishioners

OptionsDays/TimesYearly Tuition
PreK 3Two 1/2 Day: 8:00 am-10:55 am$1,594
PreK 3Two Full Days: 8:00 am-3:00 pm$3,189
PreK 3Five 1/2 Day: 8:00 am-10:55 am$4,137
PreK4Five Full Day: 8:00 am-3:00 pm$8,374
OptionsDays/TimesYearly Tuition
PreK 4Four 1/2 Day: 8:00 am-10:55 am$2,550
PreK 4Four Full Days: 8:00 am-3:00 pm$6,278
PreK 4Five 1/2 Day: 8:00 am-10:55 am$3,608
PreK 4Five Full Day: 8:00 am-3:00 pm$7,845
OptionsDays/TimesYearly Tuition
Early 5’sMonday-Friday 1/2 Day: 8:00 am-10:55 am$3,110
Early 5’sMonday-Friday Full Days: 8:00 am-3:00 pm$6,850

SPACare 18mth-3 year old childcare program

Our SPAcare program is open M-F 7:30 am-5:30 pm.

During the 8 weeks of summer, SPAcare is open M-TH 7:30 am-5:30 pm ** July 4th Week we are closed

Full Year or School Year OptionsHours1-2.5 yr old
Weekly Rate
2.5-3 yr old
Weekly Rate
1 day/week7:30am-5:30pm$75$70
2 days/week7:30am-5:30pm$145$120
3 days/week7:30am-5:30pm$205$180
4 days/week7:30am-5:30pm$250$230
5 days/week7:30am-5:30pm$260$250

Cougar Den After School Program (Preschool-8th Grade)

Hours: 3:00pm-5:30pm

(Drop-in is available for $5/hr) and paid through Brightwheel.

School Year Tuition Rates/Day/Child1 Day/Week2 Days/Week3 Days/Week4 Days/Week5 Days/week
1 Child$350$700$1,050$1,400$1,750
2 Children$612.50$1,225$1837.50$2,450$3,062.50
3 Children$787.50$1,525$2,362.50$3,150$3,937.50
4 Children$967.50$1,925$2,887.50$3,850$4,812.50

Junior Cougars Summer Care Program (Preschool-8th Grade)

Our Summer program is 4 days/week, 10 hours a day and 8 weeks long. We are open June 12th, 2023-August 11th 2023. Hours 7:30am-5:30pm M-Th. The program will be closed the week of July 3rd-9th 2023 and every Friday throughout the eight weeks.

Weekly Rate
Weekly Rate
* Half-Day Available- email for rates

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