Administrative Staff

Teaching Staff

Support Staff

SPAcare 1 Year Old Aide

Mary Banaszak

SPAcare 2.5 Year Old Aide

Colleen Shelton

PK3 & PK4 & PM Enrichment Aide

Jill Lauria

PK3 & PK4 & PM Enrichment Aide

Luann Mackraz

Enrichment Aide (5 Day)

Emma Verrett

Lunch Coverage

Meghan Ori

1st Grade Paraprofessional

Julie Cook

Teacher Aide

Jeanne Kortz


5th-8th Grade Spanish

Roxanne Hoeze

K-4th Grade Spanish

Barb Saumier

Librarian and Home Economics

Amy Quillan

Student Services

SPA Cafe 68 - Hot Lunch

Director of SPA 68 Café

Jared Veldheer

SPA 68 Café Assistant

Brady Hunt


Home and School

Home & School President

Morgan Veldheer

St. Paul the Apostle School