Saint Paul the Apostle School forms the whole child to “Live Life to the Full” through an innovative and dynamic Catholic education within a strong parish community.

We believe Saint Paul the Apostle School, if it is to be truly Catholic, must be focused on learning and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and that our faith must permeate and be evident in every aspect of our lives.

We believe that our primary purpose is to enlighten and empower our students to know, love, and serve God, and one another through spiritual, academic, physical, aesthetic, and social development.

We are committed to the Spiritual and Academic growth of your child(ren):

  • by nurturing with love and care the Christ-Life within your child. 
  • by recognizing and nurturing in each child their God-given gifts of mind, heart, and body.
  • by helping each child realize the fullness of daily life and a capability of sharing this celebration of life with others.
  • by instilling a sense of personal and social responsibility through recognition of the value of self-discipline.
  • by fostering the skills and the desire needed for life-long learning.
  • by promoting an awareness of the value and dignity of each person created in the image and likeness of God, and understanding the beauty of a culturally diverse world.

Ours is a partnership of parents, teachers, and students—obedient to Jesus and His teachings —that will work together to bring every student to their fullest potential as a child of God.

St. Paul the Apostle School