The St. Paul the Apostle Endowment fund was started in 1994 to support the financial life of the school for future generations.  In 2002 the name of the Foundation was changed to reflect the contribution made to Catholic education by Daniel J. Donnelly. For twenty-three years he dedicated himself to the mission of Catholic education here at St. Paul the Apostle. Our Endowment honors Dan’s memory and his love for our school.

The mission of the Endowment is to help the school continue to provide a quality Catholic education and to keep the financial obligations at a level such that any parent who desires to give their child such an education can afford to do so.

The Purpose of the Endowment

While fiscal priorities change from year to year, contributions from the Endowment are generally used to support the following initiatives:

  • Tuition assistance to St. Paul parish families who wish to send their children to St. Paul the Apostle School but are unable to pay the entire cost of tuition.
  • Containing tuition cost for all St. Paul the Apostle School students by assisting the school in meeting its operating expenses.
  • Ensuring the ability to afford to hire quality staff to maintain our Excellence in all things!

Where does the money come from?

Money comes into the Endowment in these ways:

  • Donations from our annual appeal and monetary gifts during the year
  • Interest and dividend income on the Foundation Assets

Additional information on the Daniel J. Donnelly Endowment Fund is available at the St. Paul Parish office.

A Prayer for Students

By Dan Donnelly – 1998

Blessed are you Lord who has created a wide and wonderful world in which to learn.
We ask your blessings on our students.
We ask you, Lord, to be their ever near companion and spread the road
before them with beauty, adventure and good grades.
May the same road be free of harm and evil. May the Lord keep all students in his
Care, fill them with peace, and bless them with wonder and intelligence.


St. Paul the Apostle School