• Current Enrollment: 191    (Preschool: 36)  (K to 8th: 155)
  • Academic Excellence: Saint Paul students annually outperform all Diocesan Catholic Schools, and the national average of all schools on standardized MAPS testing by the NWEA.
  • Personalized Attention: Saint Paul is a small to medium size school with an outstanding student to teacher ratio of 14 to 1.   Allows for one-on-one, customized education strategies for each student.
  • Skilled Teachers: Over 80% of our staff have Masters or Graduate degrees
  • Resource Room: A full-time resource teacher specializing in Special Education
  • Language: Two dedicated alternative language teachers, one of which is fluent in 5 languages
  • Counseling: A dedicated school counselor with a Masters in Psychology

Our Students’ Future Success Depends on The Resources That are Behind Them Today

IMPLEMENTED A PROGRAM in 2015 called the Reading and Writing Project by Columbia University. This program was fully funded through our school and allowed us to create onsite staff development. Our students are not focusing on “What I did Over Summer Break” type of pieces. Rather, they are
looking at small moments (maybe only 5 minutes) and writing a complete story on that moment in time, focusing on detail, description, senses and truly drawing the intended audience into what they are reading. We also concentrate on informational writing. Research, MLA formatting, scientific writing, writing
for history, analyzing novels and poems at depths that are usually discovered in high school and college. We want critical thinkers and that is what our writing program produces. By the time the students leave St. Paul, they should be writing at mid to upper high school levels with comprehension skills to match.
Some will even be writing at a level higher than that.

MAXIMIZE OUR PARTNERSHIP with the Van Andel Education Institute, allowing our science teachers to utilize their NexGen Inquiry program (an innovative, Web-based, science investigation platform). Van Andel Education Institute (VAEI) is a nonprofit institution committed to creating classrooms where curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking thrive. VAEI is transforming science education by offering student programs, professional development, and instructional tools that bring inquiry-based learning to life and engage students in thinking and acting like scientists.



INVESTED OVER $8,000 for the Artist in Residence program sponsored by the Grand Rapids Symphony. This is a partnership program where the Grand Rapids Symphony is able to underwrite all or most of the expenses for the schools selected to participate (Saint Paul has the privilege of being one of these schools). Included in the program: in-school performances grades K-6, Lollipop Concert K-2, 3rd Grade Concert, Fourth Grand Instrument Discovery and 5th Grade Concert including all curriculum materials.


“How does a typical day start at Saint Paul’s?”  

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