The Dress Code Policy can be found in the Family Handbook.

Note: The Uniform Code does not apply to Preschoolers. 

Students at St. Paul the Apostle are expected to strive for personal and academic excellence.  The school uniform is meant to signify school membership, minimize competition, maximize convenience, and be close conscious.  In addition, the uniform should promote self-respect and pride in being identifiable as a St. Paul the Apostle student. Our uniform policy is in effect for the entire duration of the school day.  The school reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of uniform dress and personal appearance. It is the responsibility of the parent that the child is dressing according to the uniform. Students coming to school out of uniform code will be asked to call home for an appropriate change of clothing.

All clothing worn should be of the correct size, neither too tight nor excessively baggy. Skirts may be no more than one inch above the knee and shorts must have an inseam of at least 4 inches (at leaset 3.5inch inseam for Gym uniform shorts). Pants may not drag on the floor. Frayed or overly worn clothing may not be worn.





Grades K-8: 

  • Plain white collared shirts, long or short sleeves, may be purchased from any store.  Shirt shall have no contrasting colors and absolutely no logo with the exception of the approved SPA logo, available through Schoolbelles or SPA Spirit Shop.
  • Green collared polo shirts or green turtlenecks may be purchased from any store – Evergreen.


  • Grades K-8: All sweaters may be purchased from Lands’ End, Target, etc… 
    • Solid navy or solid white vest, cardigan or pullovers are permitted.


Grades K-8: A navy fleece vest, jacket, half-zip, or quarter-zip pullover with logo purchased from Lands’ End or SPA Spirit Shop may be worn during the school day. 

Crewneck sweatshirt:

  • Navy or forest green crewneck sweatshirts may be purchased from SPA Spirit shop. Students MUST wear a collared shirt underneath the crewneck. Hooded sweatshirts are NOT permitted. 


  • Grades K-5: Solid navy pants may be purchased at any store; including Lands End, SchoolBelle, and Target. 
  • Grades 6-8: Solid tan khaki or navy pants may be purchased at any store; including Lands End, SchoolBelle, and Target. 


  • Grades K-5: Solid navy walking shorts may be worn August/September, and May/June. They may be purchased at any store and must have an inseam of at minimum 4 inches.
  • Grades 6-8: Tan khaki or navy walking shorts may be worn during August/September & May/June. They may be purchased at any store and must have an inseam of at minimum 4 inches.


  • Grades K-8: Closed toe and heel shoes.  Shoes are to be clean, shoes with laces must be laced and tied or Velcro closures must be fastened at all times. No other footwear types are permitted. 


  • Grades K-8: Solid navy, grey, black or white tights or socks must be worn at all times. Grades 6-8 may wear plain nylons. 


  • Grades K-8: A plain navy, brown, khaki, or black belt must be worn. 


  • Grades K–8: Undergarments other than plain white may not show through the uniform. The sleeves of the undergarment may not extend beyond the uniform sleeve. Good grooming for elementary school children should be in keeping with their ages. Lipstick, nail polish and other makeup is not allowed. Earrings for boys are not allowed. Only stud earrings are allowed for girls, worn in the lower lobe. Other body piercings are not permitted. 

Middle School:

  • Nail polish is not permitted in middle school. Natural make up (including concealer, blush, etc…) may be worn. 


  • Grades K-8: Hair for boys and girls must be simple, neat, clean, well groomed, and of natural color. Hairstyle and color should not be distracting. Hair accessories for girls must be navy, forest green, white, dark brown, black or appropriate plaid. In addition, the boy’s hair may not touch or extend neither below the eyebrows nor below the earlobes, and may not reach the collar of the shirt in back. Ponytails are not allowed for boys. 

Non-uniform Day: 

Cougar Spirit Days are typically scheduled for the last Friday of the month. Non-uniform clothing such as jeans, T-shirts, sweat shirts, or nice play clothes may be worn. Clothing may not be torn or ragged; inappropriate writing, slogans, or logos on clothing is not permitted. Skirts, shorts, or skorts worn on special dress days must follow uniform guidelines (1 inch above knee skirts/skorts or inseam of at least 3.5 inches athletic shorts; 4 inches for denim or other shorts)

Students wearing inappropriate clothing will be required to call home for a change of clothing. Students who forget it is a non-uniform or dress-up day will not be allowed to call home for a change of clothing.

Winter Boots

  • During inclement weather, students must wear boots that are to be removed before they enter their classroom or they must bring an extra pair of shoes to wear in the classroom if shoes are worn. Boots may not be worn in the classroom.


  • All students must have a waterproof backpack to carry books to and from school. Books may not be taken back and forth without backpack protection. Because the cost of book replacement can be quite high, students will be fined for book damage beyond normal wear (including damage to the binding and writing in books) during the year.

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