The Board of Directors primary concern is the ministry of the Catholic elementary school education:  the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development of the students.  The Board conforms to the policies of the Diocese of Grand Rapids.  Board responsibilities include:  Strategic planning, Formation of local policies, Evaluation, Oversight of financial operations, participation in advancement, and mission effectiveness.  9 standing committee’s:  Executive, Mission Effectiveness Committee, Committee on Directors, Policy and Planning, Finance, Building and Grounds, Development, Marketing, Communication.

Any parishioner is welcome to serve on one or more committees, even those without children attending St. Paul School. To volunteer, or with questions, contact Board President, Lorissa MacAllister, at 

Executive Committee

  1. Purpose: Provide overall board leadership and coordination of board functions and responsibilities.
  2. Responsibility: Meeting agendas, board calendar. Support principal, leaders of the board, support orientation and training of new board members, annual board evaluation, be sure all ad hoc committee’s have charges.

Mission Effectiveness Committee

  1. Purpose: To ensure publically and internally the school maintains and enhances the catholic identity to carry out our mission.
  2. Responsibility: Work with administration to assist in development policy, strategic planning and board training in mission effectiveness.

Committee on Directors

  1. Purpose: Identify qualified new board members and ensure all boards understands their responsibilities.
  2. Responsibility: New board member recruitment as well as work with administration in providing training, evaluating and orienting all board members.

Planning and Policy Committee

  1. Purpose: Be sure that the school has current policies and maintains a strategic plan that has clear measurable objectives that sustains and grows the school.
  2. Responsibility: Assist in the development and monitor, with the administration, the strategic plan and its goals and objectives.  Review and monitor all school policies with the administration.

Building and Grounds Committee

  1. Purpose: Be sure the facility and its grounds are maintained to its best safe use of all occupants
  2. Responsibility: Develop and monitor with administration the long-term facility maintenance, capital improvements, security, space utilization for enrollment goals and emergency management plans for the school.

Finance Committee

  1. Purpose: Assure the long rang financial plans and current budget are followed.
  2. Responsibility: monitor the current budge and develop next year budget, prepare and monitor long range finance plans, oversee policy and planning of business operations of the school.

Development Committee (committee on institutional advancement)

  1. Purpose: To develop and cultivate our donors and Alumni to sustain the financial stability of Saint Paul the Apostle School and Parish.
  2. Responsibility: lead with administration communication, fund drive, planned giving and capital campaigns.  Advise with administration, public relations, advancement plan, alumni relationship and identify major donors.

Marketing Committee

  1. Purpose: To assist in a positive image of the school which grows enrollment.
  2. Responsibility: Assist the principal in developing and implementing a marketing plan, and explore marking opportunities.

Communication Committee

  1. Purpose: To be sure communication of  the internal and external community.
  2. Responsibility: Assist the principal with content, design, layout, copy and graphics of all school communication including web, social media, print and press releases.

St. Paul the Apostle School