As fathers, we are tasked to raise our sons to be good Catholic men. Pope John Paul II said, “The mission of fatherhood is to reveal and relive on earth, the very fatherhood of God.” Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a group of fathers committed to bringing up our sons in the faith, while enjoying the outdoors and learning the skills every boy needs to know when they become a man? The Troops of St. George is exactly that and a group is forming at SPA!

The Troops of St. George (TSG) is a fraternal Catholic organization, similar to the Boy Scouts, but with a focus on the Catholic faith. As part of TSG fathers and sons age (K-12) participate together in outdoor adventure, perfect life skills, and strengthen their knowledge and understanding of Catholicism.

We will be hiking, canoeing, camping, and cooking out. The boys will also learn the basics of auto and home repair and be involved in service projects around the parish and community. The faith focus will be present in all activities, but faith-based milestones such as prayer memorization, rosary proficiency, and demonstrating an understanding of important church teaching will be required as part of rank advancement.

We will be having an informational meeting at 3:00pm on May 22nd in the Sts. Peter and Paul room. We hope to see you there. 

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but are interested in the Troops of St. George, please email Andrew Petersen ( or Mike Williams (


“The Troops of Saint George apostolate aims to use the outdoors as our canvas and the sacraments as our path to light the way for the formation of Holy Catholic men and boys. Whether called to the vocation of the priesthood, the religious life, or that of Holy fatherhood, our fathers and sons will take a prayerful pilgrimage together to fulfill Christ’s desire for them to grow in virtue and in their Holy Catholic faith as they journey toward heaven.”

– Saint George, Pray for us.

St. Paul the Apostle School