“I wish our older children had been able to attend SPACare. I was very nervous about the transition from having a nanny in our home to sending our youngest, Caden, to daycare. It has been such a blessing to have all of our kids in one place every day of the week. My three older children, who are in school full-time, love seeing their little brother during the day. Caden is developing skills that I know would not typically be obtained until a later age. He is learning new things each day and is eager to talk about and share them with us at home. Words cannot express the joy that is felt when your youngest is eager to take part in prayer with his older siblings and us because of the practice at SPACare. The love and care that has been shown by his teachers in SPACare goes unmatched. It is an awesome experience to see your child feel like a part of a community, a school family, before his time to be in all day school. SPACare has been exceptional in the areas of organization and communication making it easy to enroll, pay, and communicate. We are so thankful for SPACare and the people involved who make it such a positive experience for Caden.”

St. Paul the Apostle School