We considered several schools for our daughters when we moved to the area this past summer.  As parents we value faith, family, and community, and we hoped to find a way to integrate these values with our daughters’ education.  Before making our decision we attended mass at St Paul, and felt as though we were on the right path.  Father Peter and several parishioners went out of their way to say hello to complete strangers, and made us feel welcome.  When we spent time with Principal Morrow, not only did we get a thorough tour, we were offered help with our home search in a nearby neighborhood. As we learned about the education our daughters would receive at St Paul the Apostle, it was a conversation about the importance of children learning, rather than passing tests.  It was about funding programs that would benefit the kids, rather than just look good in a brochure.  Finally, what speaks most highly of St Paul is the number of former students, who come back as parents, faculty, and staff members; all the while, making sure that “outsiders” like our family are embraced as members of the St Paul family.  At St Paul, our kids are happy learners, who come home thinking and asking about God’s love for all of us.  We are blessed to be part of this parish, this school, and this family.

St. Paul the Apostle School