St. Paul the Apostle Faith Formation programs are dedicated to supporting and assisting families and children with the development of their Catholic faith in a welcoming, nurturing and safe environment.

  • We recognize that all children are uniquely created.
  • We recognize that all families are uniquely created.
  • We recognize that our faith development is unique to our own experience.
  • As families we are called to be light for each other.
  • As disciples we are called to be light for the world.

We don’t just keep the faith…we share it!

Our programs use the New Catholic Children’s Bible as our text book.

The curriculum is from St. Mary’s Press: Discover! Finding Faith in Life.

Weekly Recap October 30

Weekly Recap for October 23, 2019

1st Grade- Mary: Saying “Yes” to God.

Here are the key points to review with your child:

  • Because Mary knew that God is good and loving, she trusted him enough to say yes.
  • When we say yes to God, God will bring us good things as well.

Each child made a decade of the Rosary.

  • Hopefully you and your child have spent some time praying the 10 Hail Marys with the beads.

2nd Grade- We Ask for Forgiveness.

  • Each child made Treasure Box and “jewels” is that they can also offer love to Jesus by doing good things for others.
    • There are 7 jewels, one for each day of the week, in your child’s envelope.
    • The children are to write something they did for someone else on a jewel and place that jewel into their treasure box. 
    • Keep the activity going at home by making more jewels at home. Make enough so that other family members can participate in the activity .

3rd Grade-

This week’s lesson was Chapter 4: We Care for the Earth.

This lesson helps the children to understand that we are entrusted with caring for the world because it was created for us by God.

Discuss with your child some of the ways your family cares for God’s creation.

4th Grade -This week’s lesson focused on God Makes a Promise. The children also spent time learning about Altar Serving.

5th Grade- This week’s lesson focused on The Eucharist Helps Us Live. The children also spent time learning about Altar Serving.

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