What grades do you offer?

Our Early Childhood development offers: Childcare for 1 to 3 year olds and Preschool 3, 4 and Early 5’s and preschool enrichment.

Our School offers: K-8th Grade and the child needs to be of age by September 1st.

What is the Enrollment Priority

Enrollment priority is as follows:

  • Current Students (K-8th) and Siblings *families enrollment priority is not firm until oldest is in Kindergarten
  • Actively Participating SPA Parishioners (Active parishioner status is reviewed every 6 months for enrollment priority and rates)
  • New SPA Parishioners and SPA Alumni that fill out Active Parishioner Commitment and volunteer forms
  • Other Diocese Parishioners
  • All Others

What is the student ratio in preschool? Do we have aides?

Preschool has a 10-1 Student to Teacher Ratio. We also have teacher aides in each preschool room.

Do we have more than one grade per level?

Currently we only have 1 Grade/Level. We intentionally keep our school small to allow for individual attention. The ideal ratio is 24-1 Student to Teacher ratio. If we have more than 24 students in a 1st-3rd grade class we will have an aide in the classroom to still allow for individual attention.

Do we have child care?

Yes! Our Early Education Program offers daycare, called SPA Care for 1 years old to 3 years old who are affiliated with the school or parish.

You can learn more here: SPA Care

We also have Preschool Enrichment for our preschool students to use when they are not in class.

Do we offer busing?

Busing is offered through Catholic Secondary Schools. Please call 616-246-6470 for availability in your area and cost.

Do we teach a second language?

Yes, Spanish is taught to all grade levels.

Do we have band and music programs?

Yes. All grades have a music program. Preschool has music. K-6th Grade are in choir and grade level mass choir. 5th-8th Grade work with Catholic Central teachers for Band or Choir.

What curriculum is used?

Our Curriculum standards are driven by the Dioceses of Grand Rapids. We have a  hands on approach to learning and adapt to different needs in the classroom so each kid can achieve their personal best. We also have Lucy Calkins for reading & writing workshop. Van Andel Insititute for Science. The Sophia Institute and Theology of the Body for Religion.

How does tuition work?

We offer discounts for multiple students. We have parishioner and non-parishioner rates.

Tuition is managed through SMART tuition and you can choose payment plans to meet your needs.

To learn more, click here: Tuition

Is financial aid available?

Yes, our financial aid is run through a third party called Smart Aid. You can learn more here: Tuition Assistance

Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes you can learn more here: School Uniforms

Is there a lunch program?

Yes! SPA 68 Cafe serves lunch 5 days/week. We have an in-house staff that creates the menus, prepares the meals and serves.  You can learn more here: Hot Lunch

What type of security is in place?

We take the security of our students very seriously. All the doors are locked during the school day and visitors have to buzz to be let in. There are cameras monitoring doors and hallways and visitors sign-in and are tracked. We also have a secure playground area with a fence around the entire area and children are never outside unsupervised. We have bullet proof glass & windows.  Our doors have electronic keys that monitor who and what time they are allowed in doors. If you would like more information we would be happy to answer them in person.

St. Paul the Apostle School